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Cashew Nut Dryer

Our company is identified as one of the preeminent Manufacturers and Suppliers of Cashew Nut Dryer, located in India. We are producing Cashew Nut Dryer that comes with high-grade ovens, which can be used for baking cashew and other items such as raisins, mango, jackfruits, sweets cakes and many more. The capacity of Cashew Dryer ranges from 30 Kg to 500 Kg. We can provide Cashew Nut Dryer in bulk.

Special Features :

  • To bake the cashews thoroughly hot current of air is circulated in the oven using blowers (fan). Therefore, all cashews are baked evenly.
  • Timer and digital indicator or controller is provided.
  • Tray and other important parts are powder coated.
  • Oven is useful for other processes besides cashew nuts such as raisins, cakes, mango, jackfruit polo (sweets) and bakery items